Film Selection

SS Ultra

PARASOL SS Ultra series combines the effectiveness of the classic Carbon Ceramic style while also combining STX Technology to give it a non-reflective look and improve clarity and heat rejection.

SS EX Carbon

PARASOL SS Carbon series in an upgraded version of the Carbon, utilising SPUTTEK. The same non-reflective film with classic looks, it offers cutting-edge technological improvement for clarity and heat rejection.

SS Supreme

PARASOL SS Optima series incorporates a more advanced SS Ceramic coating that places it a cut above normal Nano Ceramic films, with an impressive shield of protections from heat ,glare and destructive UV and IR Rays.

SS Elegance

PARASOL SS Elegance series is sure to satisfy any automotive enthusiast with its astounding quality and advance SS Sputtered Technology which progresses performance and clarity.

SS Neo

PARASOL SS Avant-Grade series offers top of the line heat blocking Sputtered technology surpassing the competition in performance and heat rejection. The remarkable solar control and color stability of the SS sputtered Technology places it a cut above other Sputtered films.


World Class Window Film

PARASOL Pro-Shield Series focuses on its uniqueness and is by far the best window film in the market with amazing HD optical clarity and best IR refutation.